Twice Sheared Sheep Sock Sizing Ruler


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Color: Petal Pin
Petal Pin
Sea Glass

Achieve the perfect sock size every time, regardless of who the lucky recipient may be! Say goodbye to sizing woes with our versatile sock rulers designed for both top-down and toe-up socks. Simply position the ruler snugly against the heel or toe of your sock, knit until you reach the designated line for your desired size, and seamlessly start working your toe or heel.

Always knit the correct sock size, no matter who the recipient is.

  • Works for both top down or toe up socks
  • Place the ruler with the arrow snug into the heel (or toe) of your sock and knit until you reach the line for your desired size
  • Then begin working your toe (or your heel)
  • Accounts for a 2″ heel or toe
  • No math
  • Just knit!