Twice Sheared Sheep - Knit Extension Cords w/Storage Tin


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Tired of the hassle when trying on a sweater in progress? Say goodbye to those cumbersome methods! Enter Knitting Extension Cords—the ultimate solution for your knitting woes. These innovative cords transform your needles instantly by sliding onto the tips, providing an extended cord length. Crafted from a slightly stretchy silicone material, they securely grip the needles, eliminating the risk of accidental slips, even when placed at the needle's tip.


All Size Bundle:
– 1 Light Blue – Small (up to US 4) - 60" length
– 1 Teal – Medium (up to US 8) - 60" length
– 1 Purple – Large (up to US 15) - 60" length
- 1 Free Storage tin

(Sizes are suggestions. Your perfect will depend on how pointy the tips of your needles are)