ULA+LIA Cashmere DK Yarn


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Color: Natural Cream
ULA+LIA Cashmere DK Yarn color natural cream
ULA+LIA Cashmere DK Yarn color warm gray

Ula & Lia is a yarn company based in Mongolia.  They source their cashmere from free range goats raised in traditional methods by nomadic families.  The fiber is processed & milled in Mongolia!  Their mission is to bring the highest of quality cashmere to market at an approachable price.  This is still a luxury fiber and very little is produced each year by the goats and there is a limited run of yarn each year.  Cowgirl Yarn is thrilled to have the chance to bring this amazing yarn to you!

ULA+LIA cashmere comes only from the finest wool from the underside of the goat’s belly and chin. Due to the small amount of cashmere that can be brushed from each goat in the spring, cashmere is a rare and highly sought fiber!

ULA+LIA is working with herder cooperatives that are focused on development, They are also able to implement breeding programs to increase fiber quality and income for the families. With the 20% market premium they pay for their fiber (cashmere and baby camel wool) the families that work with the SCU are able to invest in development projects to improve their communities. From increasing health care to business projects aimed at increasing and diversifying income sources, our partner cooperatives choose where to invest the premium under the project umbrella to fit their needs best.


Fiber Content: Mongolian Cashmere
Yarn Weight: DK 
Physical Weight: 100g
220 yards
Care: https://ulaandlia.com/washing-instructions/
Country Of Origin: Mongolia