2106 White Lamb, BLXTeeswater, Short staple, Curles, Naturally tanned Pelt


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Our pelts are from sheep raised in the Laramie Valley without chemicals (no insecticides on our sheep, we do not spray herbicides on our sheep pasture, etc.) by Tronstad Ranch. Their flock is part of their family. They believe in raising their herd in a sustainable manner and naturally because that is best for their family and their land. Pelts are tanned using natural products (i.e., oak tree bark and other plants that contain tannins). Tannins have been used to tan hides for hundreds of years in Europe (also called vegetable tanning) and tannins are the substance that makes your tea water dark. Tanning with tannins protects water quality as most leather is tanned using highly polluting chromium. This means that the hides do not have strong chemical scents and are safe for all ages.

Caring for your pelt: Shake your pelt weekly to remove debris.  You can gently brush your belt to fluff the wool.  Keep your pelt dry and only spot clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash pelt! Do not store your hide in an air tight container as accumulating moisture can damage the pelt.