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Resources For Fiber Folk

We all know just how helpful Ravelry and Pinterest can be for grabbing inspiration, comparing project notes and discovering new yarn/designers/fibers and so much more but there are lots of other great resources out there for fiber folk to make great use of.–This website knows everything there is to know about yarn and how you can use it to its best ability. If you need to substitute a yarn that a pattern calls for, type the yarn into the search bar and it will spit out plenty of equal substitutions with notes on how the change in yarn will affect your finished piece.

America’s Knitting--If you are planning a road trip, looking for an emergency yarn store or just want to learn a little more about the yarn shops that populate the United States, America’s Knitting has all you need to know at your fingertips. Check out their Ravelry thread for fun conversations with yarn shops and about trends in knitting and crochet across the USA.

Fringe Association–Karen Templer is a knitting taste maker and curates some of the trendiest but still classic new patterns and yarns on her blog the Fringe Association. If you aren’t a regular reader of this blog, you need to be! She loves small farms, independent makers and wool-y wool.

Woolful Podcast–Get to know the faces behind some of your favorite fiber companies and learn about why they do what they do. I have found that learning about the intention of yarn crafters and fiber artists behind our favorite companies is empowering as a maker, especially when the companies are doing good for the environment and community as they work to serve and support creative folks.

Biscuits and Jam Stripe Generator–Sometimes you want to make a simple scarf, or blanket or sweater where the complexity is done with color, rather than stitch. This stripe generator is especially helpful for those instances because you can test and experiment with different stripe widths and amounts before you set needles to yarn. Play with this generator and get inspired!

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