Why Should You Join a KAL (Knit-A-Long)

Why Should You Join a KAL (Knit-A-Long)

Maureen Johnson

KAL–Knit A Long–A group of knitters who decide to follow a set of rules or parameters for a specific project. This group can meet in person or chat online to check in on progress and cheer each other on.

  • Test the boundaries of your comfort zone. Lots of KALs have parameters that may push you beyond your usual projects so you get to try something new! Whether it is a certain yarn, pattern or mystery challenge, these pushes give you the opportunity to explore something you maybe wouldn’t have. In the case of the Brooklyn Tweed KAL, you can work on your lace skills!
  • Encouragement and guidance! Trying something new can be a little intimidating sometimes so the group atmosphere of a KAL is great for helping you push through those tough moments. The encouragement of your fellow knitters or even the KAL leader will help you to knit through the learning curve.
  • Meet new people who love the same things you do! Meeting new people can sometimes be a challenge but it is always fun and exciting to connect with someone who loves what you love! Interacting with folks doing the same KAL is an indicator that they have the same style/taste/passion you do thus making them great future friend material. Plus, if your KAL is meeting regularly isn’t it just nice to be able to gush about yarn with other people who love yarn just as much as you do?
  • Creativity blossoms under pressure. For many creative folks a little restriction helps creativity bloom and explode! Using certain rules like the ones found in a KAL frequently brings out the best in people and gets them to explore depths of their own creativity in new exciting ways.
  • There is a deadline. Ok, for some people this may be a negative aspect of KALs but having a end date for the project is actually really helpful! Having that hypothetical due date can light a fire under your needles in ways that just knitting for fun won’t. That means you’ll have greater chances of getting to wear your finished piece sooner!

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