We're Your Fiber Supplier

Lori Kirk

We’re your supplier for all things fiber! Cowgirl Yarn has always been excited to cater to all crafts but in the last few months our offerings for the weavers/spinners/felters has expanded greatly and we couldn’t be more stoked to share this with you.

Why Should You Join a KAL (Knit-A-Long)

Maureen Johnson

KAL–Knit A Long–A group of knitters who decide to follow a set of rules or parameters for a specific project. This group can meet in person or chat online to check in on progress and cheer each other on.

Scratchy Wool

Lori Kirk1 comment

With all the buttery soft fibers out there for our nimble fingers to turn into  something fabulous the so called scratchy wools get a bad rap with lots of yarn folk. While we all need some sultry merino or slinky silk in our hands from time to time, those scratchy wools have some pretty awesome things to offer to the knitter/crocheter/weaver.

Resources For Fiber Folk

Lori Kirk

We all know just how helpful Ravelry and Pinterest can be for grabbing inspiration, comparing project notes and discovering new yarn/designers/fibers and so much more but there are lots of other great resources out there for fiber folk to make great use of.