Five Ways to Support Your Local Yarn Store Without Spending A Dime

Five Ways to Support Your Local Yarn Store Without Spending A Dime

Maureen Johnson

Our post on the importance of shopping at your local yarn store has really resonated with a lot of you readers! Thank you for supporting local shops and for joining in on the conversation. Many of you mentioned that you try to shop all you can at your local shop and that is an incredible expression of love and support.

While shopping is always appreciated, there are other ways to help your local store that don’t require spending money. Here are the top 5 ways to support your local yarn store that don’t involve your wallet.

  1. Share posts from your local shop on Facebook and Instagram–This small act takes no time at all but it does make an impact. If you share the posts you love or find inspiring, your fiber friends will too! You’ll be helping the shop reach a new audience and giving your friends a new source of fun.
  2. Teach your friends and family to knit/crochet/spin/weave/felt–Not only do you get to share the love of your craft, you also get to spend some fun quality time with your loved ones. Spreading the excitement about fiber is good for your soul and good for keeping your favorite fiber dealer in town.
  3. Use your logo branded bags/wear your shop’s t-shirts–Simply wearing your local shop’s logo around town might just remind a stranger that they’ve always wanted to learn to knit. Or seeing that logo would spark a conversation with another person who may want to know what that store is all about.
  4. Practice your skills in public–Take your needles and hooks to your favorite coffee shop, to the library, to the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or even to the bar! Making these hand crafts visible to the rest of the public helps folks understand the power of learning a new skill. When they see you enjoying your project, they’ll want to know more about what makes it so special.
  5. Tag your local store on Facebook/Instagram/Ravelry–Just adding a link to the store where you bought the yarn or got help from in your social media posts will help your local store reach a new group of fiber lovers. Did you just finish a stellar pair of socks? Tag your store in the picture you post on Facebook or Instagram! Are you updating your stash on Ravelry? Make sure to tag the store where you bought the yarn from in the notes section!

Bonus: Offer to make a sample for the store! Samples are amazing but creating them can take time, something yarn store owners and employees often don’t have a whole lot of.

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